Writer's Guidelines - Barbour Publishing

Writer's Guidelines

Want to submit a proposal or manuscript for our consideration?

All book proposals must be submitted through professional literary agencies.

If you are looking for a literary agent, the following resource may help:

Christian Manuscript Submissions (

At this time, Barbour Publishing does not accept unsolicited proposals.

All book proposals must come from a professional literary agency and must be sent via email to the address listed below.

As stated on the copyright page of each Barbour Publishing book, "Our mission is to inspire the world with the life-changing message of the Bible." To be considered, any proposal must

  1. Demonstrate a conservative, evangelical Christian world view, and
  2. speak to broad segments of the evangelical Christian market.
Barbour publishes in a wide variety of genres, from devotionals to popular Bible reference, from gift books to practical Christian living, from children's books to romance fiction. Before submitting a proposal, please familiarize yourself with our product offerings on

If you believe your manuscript fits into the Barbour Publishing program, please work with your literary agency to prepare a proposal including:

1.   A cover letter introducing yourself, your idea, and any publishing experience you've had. Be sure to include your email address and phone number.
2.   A summary of your book
3.   Enough of your manuscript to give our editors a clear view of your writing ability
4.   Any other supporting information you think helpful such as social media platform, marketing, and promotion work you are planning to do.

Agents should send proposals to the following e-mail address:


NOTE: Publishers receive hundreds of manuscript submissions each year, and only a handful can be chosen for acceptance. If your agent has submitted or will be submitting your book proposal and it fits our current editorial needs, we will contact your agent directly. Please note unless you are an agent, phone calls and e-mails regarding the status of your submission will not be returned. Paper proposals will not be reviewed by our editors and will ultimately be destroyed.