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The Holy Bible: The Barbour Simplified KJV Bible Promise Book Edition [Navy Cross]

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The fresh-yet-familiar Barbour Simplified KJV
plus powerful devotional/study features
based on the bestselling Bible Promise Book.

The Barbour Simplified KJV builds off the familiarity and trustworthiness of the King James Bible while removing the difficulties of antiquated language and punctuation. Keeping all the original translation work of the 1611 Bible, this version carefully updates old styles that may interfere with your reading pleasure and comprehension today:
  • refreshing old verb forms
  • breaking up long sentences
  • adding paragraphing throughout
  • inserting quotation marks into spoken language
  • updating old forms of address
  • capitalizing divine pronouns for clarity
Now, the Simplified KJV has been combined with features of the bestselling Bible Promise Book, a modern classic with more than 12 million copies sold. Inside, you’ll find
  • 365 Daily Promises, inspiring devotions to take you through an entire year
  • 400 Promise Points, thought-provoking background on the truths of God
  • 9,000+ highlighted Bible promises in some 150 categories 
Spend some time digging into God’s many promises of hope, protection, mercy, kindness, and love, just for you. The Holy Bible: The Barbour Simplified KJV Bible Promise Book Edition makes it easy.

Bible Type Size: 9 pt
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Christopher D. Hudson
BISAC Category:
BIBLES / Other Translations/Devotional
Page Count:
DiCarta - Flexible / 6.6875 x 9
Bible Type Size:
9 pt

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Finally, a Bible true to the authorized version

    Published by Ward westfall on Jun 28, 2024

    I love SKJB. I still love kjv. Now I can read and know it's truth and not compromise with GODS precious Word.

  • 5
    Excellent Update to KJV

    Published by Minister Lee on Feb 23, 2024

    The Simplified King James Version of the Bible presents a refreshing take on a timeless classic, offering readers a clearer and more accessible interpretation of the revered King James Version. This adaptation maintains the poetic beauty and richness of language for which the King James Version is known, while simplifying complex passages and archaic language to enhance readability and comprehension. The result is a version of the Bible that retains the integrity of the original text while making it more approachable for modern readers. With its balanced blend of tradition and modernization, the Simplified King James Version serves as a valuable resource for both seasoned scholars and those new to biblical study alike. I highly recommend upgrading to a better-quality paper with line-matched text for the publisher's future printing edition.

  • 5
    Room for improvement

    Published by Glenn Blanchard on Dec 13, 2023

    This translation is very smooth to read. If you love the KJV you will most certainly enjoy this edition. I love almost everything about it. The only thing I would like to see is a top quality version, at least the level of a Cambridge. Top quality paper, edge bound, sewn binding, perimeter stitched leather and I’d buy one in a flash.

  • 4
    A Great addition to anyone's Bible collection

    Published by Wayne on Oct 31, 2023

    I love the KJV! The beauty of the language, the meter of verse and yes, even some of the "old" words. That most of us don't use or even understand in context. I have looked for something close to the KJV and have tried many and have found them lacking in one way or another. The SKJV is that good!

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