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Season of My Enemy

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“Get Your Farm in the Fight” - The Realities of WWII Come to a Wisconsin Farm

Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.

Only last year, Fannie O’Brien was considered a beauty with a brain, and her future shone bright, despite the war pounding Europe. With her father’s sudden death and her brothers overseas, Fannie must now do the work of three men on their 200-acre farm—until eight German prisoners arrive and, just as Fannie feared, trouble comes too. Someone seems intent on causing “accidents,” and Fannie is certain the culprit is one of the two handsome older Germans—or possibly both. Can she manage the farm, keep the prisoners in line, and hold her family together through these turbulent times?

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Naomi Musch
BISAC Category:
FICTION / Christian/Romance
Page Count:
Paperback / 5.5 x 8.375
Heroines of WWII

3 Reviews

  • 4
    Intriguing Historical Fiction

    Published by Connie Saunders on Jun 10, 2022

    Fictional stories set during World War II often focus on the men who were sent to Europe to fight for freedom, but this book offers an intriguing alternative. Author Naomi Musch shows the dilemma of a family in 1944, as they attempt to keep their Wisconsin farm going. Fannie O'Brien works as hard as she can but there's only so much that she, her mother, and two younger siblings can do. Mrs. O'Brien finds a solution, but do they really want German prisoners of war on their farm? The characters in this book are well-developed and I found myself wondering how I would have reacted in the same situation. How can you consider working with them when your loved one is being held in one of their German prisons? Do you judge all Germans by the actions of a few evil men? Musch shares an engaging look at the emotional and physical struggles of the O'Brien family, and she also shows the perspective of the German prisoners. Good men who've been forced to fight but are now being held captive far from their own families. Oh, there are a few exceptions, but this is the case with all men, no matter their nationality! I love history but I wasn't aware of the tremendous number of German prisoners that were housed in Wisconsin during the latter part of World War II. I appreciate the notes from the author relating what is true and what is imagination, and I also admire the faith theme that is woven into the story. Are we all guilty of prejudice in one form or another? If you enjoy historical fiction and Christian romance, you will want to read Seasons of My Enemy. It is another compelling addition to the Heroines of WWII series from Barbour Publishing. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

  • 5
    Totally Enjoyable Adventure!

    Published by David on Jun 01, 2022

    This was a surprisingly enjoyable historical fiction; did not expect it to be such an adventure that would hold my interest from beginning to end. But it was and it did! The storyline and characters were developed very interestingly by the author and wove hardships, trials in faith, and forgiveness into the theme of love as God loves us…along with enough suspense to want you not want to put the book down. I totally enjoyed reading this!

  • 5
    Women thankful for "Rosie the Riveter"

    Published by Sally Mander on May 20, 2022

    5 stars, Women thankful for "Rosie the Riveter" SEASON OF MY ENEMY (HEROINES OF WWII #6) by Naomi Musch The Heroines of World War 2 series from Barbour Publishing, feature ordinary women who were thrust into positions, because of the war and the lack of able-bodied men to help in the factories and on the home front. The women and girls were called up to step in and keep their farms going to keep the supply chains moving, and to keep morale positive, while the men were fighting for their lives and freedom overseas. Fannie O'Brien's father has recently died, her two older brothers have gone overseas to fight in the war, and Fannie is left at home in Wisconsin to keep their large farm producing. There is a local canning factory nearby, which relies upon the O'Brien farm and many others, to produce canned foods that can be shipped all over the country. Fannie runs the family farm, along with her mother, and her younger siblings Jerry, and Patty. There is a POW war camp not too distant from their farm, that allows prisoners of good standing to be hired out in teams to help do farm labor, with an American soldier to guard them. The prisoners are paid in scrip, so they aren't being made to work for free. Fannie's mother decides to ask for a team of POW workers to help them bring in all of their crops. They receive the German equivalent of two officers and several privates. Most of the men are pleasant and hardworking, but some are filled with hate and racism. This was a time in our United States' history, that when women were needed to step in and work outside of their homes, they were willing to do what they could to keep their families fed and keep the country running, much like "Rosie the Riveter." If women had been unwilling to work outside of their homes, our lives today could have been much more different. I know, as a woman, I wouldn't have liked being treated as "less than" because of being expected to stay home and take care of my family. Much appreciation to #barbourpublishing for the complimentary copy of #seasonofmyenemy #heroinesofworldwartwoseries I was under no obligation to post a review. #historicalfiction #ww2 #2022newreleasebooks #coverlove

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