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Gone to the Dogs 3-Book Set (Books 1–3)

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Gone to the Dogs 3-Book Set!

The town of Brenham, Texas, has gone to the dogs! The employees of Lone Star Veterinary Clinic link arms with rescue organization, Second Chance Ranch, to care for the area’s sweetest canines. Along the way, there are mysteries a’plenty in this paw-some cozy mystery series. This 3-book set includes books 1 through 3 in the series for a fantastic price (more than $24 in savings!)

This Set Includes 1 Copy of Each of the Following Books:
Book 1: Off the Chain by Janice Thompson
Marigold Evans’ first attempt at rescuing an abandoned pooch lands her in a drainage pipe in Brenham Texas. . .and almost in jail, until Parker Jenson comes to her rescue. Then a bad day only gets worse as the Lone Star Vet Clinic, where they both work, is vandalized and the list of suspects starts to climb. With the help of her fellow employees, Marigold sets out to simultaneously solve the crime, rehab the rescued dog, and help more dogs in crisis. But why would anyone continue to work against all their good efforts? 
Book 2: Dog Days of Summer by Kathleen Y'Barbo
Trina Potter, Nashville country music star, buys a ranch near her hometown in Brenham, Texas, to help her niece open a rescue facility for dogs. Her presence in town stirs up some old high school rivalries—and romance. Finding property to buy is a challenge, convincing her mother to move there with her is daunting, and navigating a string of strange accidents is perplexing. Sometimes Trina feels like she’s purchased her own three ring circus instead of a beautiful piece of land. But her first priority will be figuring out who wants Second Chance Ranch shut down before they even have the grand opening.
Book 3: Barking up the Wrong Tree by Janice Thompson
Inquisitive, detail-oriented, Veterinarian Kristin Keller prides herself on winning over any dog. But has this self-proclaimed dog whisperer finally met her match in a Sheltie named Remington who has just won the Texas state agility course competition? The champion pooch is acting out of sorts—almost as if he is not the same dog. Has he, by chance, been switched out with another dog just before the next big competition? Kristin and the other Lone Star employees will do anything to help the Atkinson family figure out this mystery surrounding their beloved Remington.

Additional Details

Janice Thompson
Kathleen Y'Barbo
BISAC Category:
FICTION / Mystery & Detective/Cozy
Page Count:
256 each
Paperback / 5.5 x 8.375
Gone to the Dogs

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